BAE Turbocharger Kit

I had a kit, but sold it due to money issues before getting a chance to install it. I'm leaving this page here in case anybody finds it with a search engine and needs a copy of the installation manual.

manual-cover.jpg (73000 bytes)    I had the complete manual. I can't say it was all that great, but it looked like the complete original manual was all there. Here is a picture of the cover. It lists the DeLorean and part no. 63-0000 at the top, handwritten. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

parts-list.gif (23157 bytes)    Here is the parts list from the manual. This shows what a complete original kit should have in it. I had checked off every line item on here including the bolts and hose clamps. Again, you can click the picture to see a larger one.

drawing.gif (15638 bytes)    Here is the drawing of how all the larger pieces fit together. Luckily it also lists part numbers, so I used this to check that everything was all there. Click it to see a larger one. Pipe 63-4000 is the one that may have to be modified by a muffler shop if you need to add a catalytic converter. Everything before that, and on the intake side can be used as is.

I scanned the complete manual into a PDF. Click here to view it. It is just over 2mb in size, so it will take a few minutes to download on a dial-up connection.

November, 2003